Bugfixed for Indie Bits Fest~

Older builds of the game have been renamed with the "LD42 Build" prefix so people can still access the original game made in 48 hours.

I found lots of bugs after the initial release that I've been wanting to fix and improve. Lots of minor UI upgrades and game flow improvements behind the scenes have made a huge difference. I've also reimplemented the procedural generation in the game that's used to generate all the levels.

 Val is currently working on some additional art for the game that I'll implement in a future build. For version 1.1 the main features I want to finish adding in are:

  • Text teaching the player how to play on the tutorial screen.
  • Change all of the seeds for each level to ascend in difficulty and for the most entertaining levels to be found.
  • Maybe add a "Generate New Level" button to assist in finding more great level seeds.

Catch y'all again soon!


MeowMoves_v1.09-WebGL.zip 42 MB
Mar 27, 2019
MeowMoves_v1.09-Windows.zip 103 MB
Mar 27, 2019
MeowMoves_v1.09-MacOS.zip 107 MB
Mar 27, 2019

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