Not Safe For Bugs New Levels & Mechanics

Val and I did a lot of polishing to show it at Gallery 5 in Richmond earlier this year. The new builds are the first available ones on the download page, but you can play the original Ludum Dare 45 build by downloading the builds ending in "_LD45".

The UI had an entire overhaul with 

  • level previews, 
  • new start screen, 
  • new end score screen, and a 
  • new order view under the level health bar which highlights whose turn it is.

In addition gameplay mechanic changes include

  • offensive attack move which attacks in the direction the player is moving after being hit and moving to a new position.
  • Both player characters have a turn when one of them gets hit.

4 more levels were added for a total of 8 with support for more to be made in the future!

Thanks for playing and we hope you like the latest changes!

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Aug 17, 2020 30 MB
Aug 17, 2020 30 MB
Aug 17, 2020 31 MB
Aug 17, 2020

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