Use the arrow keys to move Shammy around and smash video games!

It's Christmas Eve and Shammy has not had enough. He needs your help. To Destroy All Videogames. Shammy wants to show these games who's boss, so he's transported himself inside his computer to punch through some video games. And he needs y'all to help.

In DESTROY ALL VIDEOGAMES (with ShammyTV), bounce around as Shammy and DESTROY ALL VIDEOGAMES!


Featuring Shammy's Icon by SilverDeni, Realistic 5k Mock Up by Anthony Boyd, Three Wonders by KITCALIBER, VHS Pro by Vladimir Storm, the venerable owl himself Shammy by Shammy, programming by myself (Emerson Smith), and lots of screenshots ripped from Steam store pages.

Made withUnity


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its fun but the drawing of the owl that's the picture looks sexual to me

well, he is pretty sexy 🤷‍♀️




An Actual Review of Shammy Game: It's good, would smash games as owl again. Very accurate representation of videos!